Europa Terra Nostra rings changes

By Ulli Jentsch for apabiz in Berlin. First published in Hope not Hate issue Sep-Oct 2016.

Europa Terra Nostra (ETN), the front foundation of the pan-European nazi Alliance for Peace and Freedom (APF), has changed its leadership. According to official records, Konstantinos Boviatsos, a member of the Greek Golden Dawn, has been co-leading ETN together with veteran Swedish nazi Dan Eriksson since June 2016. Boviatsos works as an assistant to Greek MEP Giorgios Epitideios from Golden Dawn. Further members of the board are from Germany, Italy and Spain.

In April this year, it was publicly revealed by the Swedish anti-fascist project EXPO that ETN had received EU grants for a conference in Stockholm. The European Parliament confirmed that ETN received €197,625 and the APF another €400,000 in 2016. Three members of Golden Dawn and the German nazi National Democratic Party member Udo Voigt represent the APF in the European Parliament. Led by the notorious convicted Italian terrorist Roberto Fiore, the APF also has members from the UK and Sweden, Czechia, France and Denmark.

Although closely tied to Brussels, ETN is still located in Berlin but has moved away from the NPD’s shabby headquarters to a more respectable home on Berlin’s upmarket Kurfürstendamm.

Further information: see apabiz‘ dossier of ETN – Europa Terra Nostra (German language)