Die extreme Rechte übernimmt das polnische Ministerium für Bildung!

Aktuelle Pressemitteilung der polnischen antifaschistischen Vereinigung „Never Again!“

Laut einer aktuellen Pressemitteilung der polnischen antifaschistischen Vereinigung „Never Again“, ist Roman Giertych als neuer polnische Minister für Bildung vorgesehen. Giertych ist der Führer der rechtsextremen Liga der polnischen Familien sowie der nationalistischen Jugendorganisation „Allpolnische Jugend“.

Nachfolgend dokumentieren wir die Pressemitteilung von Never Again:



(Press Release – for immediate use)

From the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association

05. 05. 2006

Roman Giertych, the leader of the extreme-right political party League of Polish Families (LPR) and of the nationalist youth organisation All-Polish Youth (MW), was nominated to the post of Minister of Education today.

“It is a disgrace! Our worst worries are coming true” – comments Marcin Kornak, the chairman of the anti-fascist ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association. – “The lack of reaction from the politicians to the growing wave of chauvinism in Poland has led to an extreme nationalist being nominated to the ministry of education post. We protest against it!”

The newly appointed minister of education is the leader of the All-Polish Youth and he is going to promote its educational patterns in Polish schools. The All-Polish Youth draws from the darkest traditions tainted with extreme nationalism and antisemitism. For years it has recruited its members from among skinheads. It promotes xenophobia and a violent rejection of everything that does not match its criteria of “true Polishness”. The All-Polish Youth has been repeatedly accused of being fascist and the media have published photos of its members (today MPs for the LPR) rasising hands in the Hitler-salute.

‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association is a non-political organisation that has monitored racism in Poland since 1996. It publishes Poland’s only anti-fascist journal “NEVER AGAIN” (“NIGDY WIECEJ”).