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About our work

Our project started life in the mid eighties as the Antifa-Pressearchiv (Antifascist Press Archive) at Papiertiger, a leftwing archive in Kreuzberg. In the early nineties we set up our own association and moved out because we needed bigger premises. The project now occupies an entire floor at 10 Lausitzerstrasse.

A view on our rooms

What we do…

Combating the new and growing strength of extreme rightwing ideologies requires determination, creativity and knowhow. We offer a wide range of material shedding light on different aspects of rightwing extremism and providing counter-arguments.

A view on our roomsOur core work is managing an extensive archive and providing training on the relevant themes (see below). We also initiate projects and have focused, in particular, on promoting and linking up initiatives against racism, antisemitism and neofascism. We are a member of Verein Argumente - Netzwerk von antirassistischer Bildung e.V., a network of antirascist/antifascist initiatives covering the whole of Germany. But we also cooperate closely elsewhere with antifascist youth groups, training bodies, trade unions and cultural projects. Our partners include:

  • Schule OHNE Rassismus - Schule MIT Courage Berlin
    (Schools WITHOUT Racism - Schools WITH Courage)
  • Zentrum für Antisemitismusforschung Berlin
    (Centre for Research into Antisemitism)
  • Antifaschistisches Infoblatt Berlin
    (Antifascist Infopaper)
  • Reach out Berlin
  • Mobit Thüringen
  • Miteinander e.V. Magdeburg
  • LISUM Berlin
  • Amadeu-Antonio-Stiftung Berlin
  • ASP - Agentur für soziale Perspektiven e.V. Berlin
  • Tacheles reden! Berlin
  • Lobbi e.V. Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

…and who for

What we offer is aimed at everyone confronted with far-right violence, organised neofascism, racist attacks or the dissemination of nationalist and hate-based ideologies.

Our wide-ranging work is done on a voluntary basis, which is why we ask for a donation if you use our services. Anyone who wishes to support our project on an ongoing basis can become a contributing member. Donations to our non-profit-making association are tax refundadable.

The archive

Our main activity, underpinning everything else that we do, is running an extensive archive, one of the biggest of its kind in Germany. We have, amongst other things, far-right and neofascist publications, videos and CDs. In addition to these primary sources, we have a database containing press articles dating back to the beginning of the nineties and an extensive library. And, in addition to these, we have antiracist and antifascist publications from all over Germany, Europe and the USA.

Specialist collections

We also have specialist collections that we preserve and make available to the public:

  • In 1995 we took charge of several hundred Nazi-era books from the stocks of the East German State Library.
  • We manage the PfiFf collection from the interdisciplinary fascism research project at Berlin Free University, a project which monitored developments in the so-called “new right” scene over a period of several years.
  • In 1999 we were able to save the photo and editorial archive of the Deutschen Volkszeitung newspaper from destruction. We are now preparing the photo archive for public use.

Who we can help

Antifascist initiatives, trade unionists, journalists, scientists, teachers and members of political parties all use our archive. In addition, we regularly receive enquiries about rightwing extremism and the different aspects of our work.

Here are just a few examples of the very varied archive user groups:

  • There is the schoolpupil who needs material on far-right parties in order to give a talk at school and obtains the necessary facts and figures from us.
  • Or the television reporter who has her own film footage to illustrate a report on the far-right press scene and uses the archive for the necessary background research.
  • An enquiry comes from a locality in Brandenburg as to whether locally active rightwing extremists have come to apabiz’s notice or have ever been charged by the police.
  • A socialworker whose clients have been given far-right propagnda material and wants to know from us what neonazi structures might lie behind them.
  • An antifascist youth initiative wants to bring out an info-brochure on local Nazi structures and strategies for combating them and needs assistance to design, research and realize the project.
  • A concert organiser has problems with Nazis turning up at gigs and wants to know more about rightwing bands, symbols and clothing brands.

Training activities and publications

Another cornerstone of apabiz’s work is providing political training on rightwing extremism. Our political course material enables interested parties to gain a comprehensive picture of far-right structures and ideologies. For years now, we have monitored developments in far-right parties and organisations, amongst militant neofascists, in the far-right and neofascist media and, in particular, the influence exerted over certain areas of youth culture, e.g. skinheads or Dark Wave. We hold seminars and workshops in schools and youthclubs, and provide public speakers and inhouse training courses.

Speakers catalogue

In addition, we act as a contact point for speakers covering a wide variety of themes relating to rightwing extremism and antifascism. Our speakers catalogue includes more than 35 lectures and seminars on judaism and antisemitism, neofascism, the New Right, student fraternities ("Burschenschaften"), esoterica and paganism, far-right journalism, the internet, exiles’ associations, youth subcultures, racism and tips from practical experience. Most of the lectures are suitable as evening talks and for all-day or weekend seminars. We can tailor group seminars, school workshops, a series of talks or a seminar week to specific needs.
To the Speakers catalogue (in german) .

Our newsletter, der monitor

Our most important publication is our newsletter, der Monitor, which has appeared every two months since 2001. It consists of eight pages covering rightwing activities and archive news. Contributing members receive a copy free of charge; associations and institutions can subscribe to our infopackage.
To the monitor overview (in german).

Our infopackage

Not only institutions but anybody wishing to use apabiz’s services can opt for our infopackage in sizes S, M or L:

  • depending on size, 3, 10 or 20 copies of each edition of monitor
  • the speakers catalogue, including updates
  • two copies of all new apabiz publications (brochures, handouts etc)
  • special conditions for additional orders and research requests
  • the infopackage costs 70 Euro, 100 Euro or 130 Euro per year, depending on size

Further informations on the Infopackage. (in german)

Books and publications

In addition we are involved in several book projects, our staff members are publishing in various specialized periodicals. Examples:

  • Jens Mecklenburg (Hg.), "Handbuch Deutscher Rechtsextremismus". Berlin 1996.
  • Searchlight et al., "White Noise". Munster 2001.
  • Christian Dornbusch / Jan Raabe (Hg.), "RechtsRock – Bestandsaufnahme und Gegenstrategien". Munster 2002.
  • Andreas Speit (Hg.), "Ästhetische Mobilmachung – Dark Wave, Neofolk und Industrial im Spannungsfeld rechter Ideologien". Munster 2002.
  • ASP e.V. (Hg.), "Versteckspiel - Lifestyle, Symbole und Codes von neonazistischen und extrem rechten Gruppen". Berlin 2002.

More information to be found in our publications list. (in german)

money is always an issue!

It has never been easy for antifascist, grassroots initiatives working independently of government or party political requirements to fund their work. Our initiative can obtain funding from foundations or employment programmes for some individual training projects or events, but these account for just part of our work.

The project’s core task, apart from producing our own publications and cooperating with other antifascist structures - especially youth initiatives - is, above all, running our archive. This work is cost intensive, timeconsuming and lower profile, but nonetheless forms the basis of all our activities.

The sole sources of finance for our core work and running costs are donations and a permanent circle of contributing members. No staff posts are financed with these resources and, since work is done by volunteers, administrative costs are low.


It is only by means of financial support from individuals who know us and our work that we are able to continue with meaningful antifascist activism, independent of public or government pressure.

Becoming a contributing member

The main financial basis for our work is a solid circle of contributing members. Contributing members receive our newsletter every two months together with an inhouse supplement that informs you about new developments in our project. The minimum monthly contribution is 5 Euro. You automatically receive a certificate detailing your donation at the end of the year. You can become a contributing member:

  • By giving us a direct debit authorisation. We prefer this option for administrative reasons. It works by us debiting a set, monthly contribution from your account. The direct debit order may be cancelled at any time with no reason given.
  • Alternatively, you can set up a standing order via your bank account. You will find our account details below.

Simply download the PDF file below, print it, fill it in and send it off. Organisations and businesses can also become contributing members although you must have a legal identity, for example as a registered association.

Download: apabiz Foerdermitglied.pdf (24kb)


You simply transfer your donation to our account (details below). Currently, donations worth up to 5 percent of your gross annual income are tax deductable in Germany. In order to issue you with a donor’s certificate, however, we do need you to give us some personal details. For donations of 100 Euro or less, all you need is proof of payment and the following declaration:

  • "Das Antifaschistische Pressearchiv und Bildungszentrum Berlin e.V. ist als ausschließlich und unmittelbar gemeinnützigen Zwecken dienend durch die Bescheinigung des Finanzamt für Körperschaften I vom 9.1.1997 (Steuernr. 660/53150) entsprechend den in § 5 Abs. 1 Zif. 1 des KStG bezeichneten Körperschaften anerkannt."
  • Our account: apabiz e.V., Bank für Sozialwirtschaft, BLZ / BIC 100 205 00 / BFSWDE31BER, IBAN DE30 1002 0500 0003 3208 00, account no. 3320 800.

Donations in kind

AnsichtDonations in kind are also highly welcome. Did Grandad leave you his World War II collection of periodicals for frontline soldiers? Has your son finally stopped hanging out with his group of rightwing mates? We will happily take material of this kind and will only make such literature - including rightwing material - available for scientific or explanatory purposes.

Or did you spend years working on these topics and now want the shelf space? Of course, we would much prefer you to carry on with your work, but our archive can make room for your material. If we receive more than one copy of the same item, we donate it to other training bodies.

We also take legacy papers, diaries, etc , which we manage in accordance with the donor’s wishes and make available to the public.

Donations in kind are also tax deductable and we can provide you with the requisite donation receipts!


Our data are available to any individual or initiative. Because our analysis and assessments depend on us knowing how rightwing extremism is developing on the ground and how it is being tackled, we are always interested in receiving your own assessments and news about your regional experiences. We would be happy to arrange a regular exchange of information with you or to put you on our mailing list.

The archive is open every Thursday between 15.00 and 19.00. You are welcome to contact us for an appointment outside these times. And you can always phone, write or email us with your enquiries outside our opening hours.

antifaschistisches pressearchiv und bildungszentrum berlin e.v. (apabiz)
lausitzerstr. 10
10999 berlin

tel/fax ++49 - (0)30 - 6116249
e-mail mail@apabiz.de [PGP-Key]
http www.apabiz.de

What others say about us

  • " … far and away the most important specialist archive … in the German speaking world"
    Miteinander e.V. service and infopoint, Magdeburg
  • "Expert answers were provided for (these) questions via the archive."
    Dr Heidi Knake-Werner, senator, Berlin
  • "When school pupils are working by themselves, projects and initiatives like apabiz are especially valuable..."
    Schools WITHOUT racism, schools WITH courage
  • "Through our cooperation with apabiz we have gained a very good background knowledge, thanks to the stunning expertise of those who work there…"
    SPI Foundation, Social Spaces and Projects, Berlin





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